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mac eyeshadow palette review

I like to see the swatches and then find substitutes in what I already have – I’m on a no buy for the last year so this is great! ), just a little browner. Look no further than Temptalia's Swatch Gallery. A few months ago I swatched my MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. If you’re curious about pricing and value, consider checking out my lengthy discussion/thoughts after the review. MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. hahaAw you're so lucky I saw that discount code but honestly, I shouldn't be looking at any more eyeshadows LOL I have plenty to last me an entire lifetime!!! Iconic eyeshadow palettes 59 reviews. Haaa..loved reading your thoughts on the palette It’s fun trying to figure out what the brand was thinking . Light Medium, Neutral, slight yellow undertones. Very Light, Red, warm undertones. However, I can’t justify spending $100 when I have several neutral palettes already. Can’t wait to get it though! That’s very true; and the cost to fill-up your very own Urban Decay palette is $18 per shadow, plus $10 for a 4-pan palette (they don’t even have a 15-pan palette available). It was semi-opaque. x, I have been dying to get my hands on one of the new MAC Palettes, they seem loads better then the old version, I love the see through lid and the sleeker packaging. I wish they were just at least removable… maybe some sort of alternative labeling/system so they would be visually different than regular pro pans (for B2M purposes). with my favorite neutral palette (dior mitzah), i’m terrified to hit pan on the lightest, my-skintone, shade. Sort By. I love steamy and Shale. Normal skin. Need help finding your perfect foundation shade? Price: £24 | Buy … Great post by the way, i'm still unsure as to whether I should get this palette! I cannot stand the MAC website!!! MAC Exposed (LE, $15.00) is browner, shimmery. Dior, Guerlain, Armani, etc. comment policy may be My all time favorite MAC shadow is Satin Taupe! It has four permanent shades and four repromoted shades (ones that have been released previously as limited edition shades). Very Light, Yellow undertones. I've been putting some 'overflow' eyeshadows in the quad palettes so i think thats reason enough right? All of the shades wore just around eight hours on me before fading, with a couple of shades that had some fall out (noted below). Your email address will not be published. Creative Copper is described as a “frosted gold [with a Lustre finish].” It’s a rich, coppery brown with warm undertones and a frosted, almost metallic, finish. But this is a lot like Amber Lights (and its many dupes! Great post! Thank you for reading! If you divide the amount of shadows with the price, they are only $6.67 a piece. contains fifteen, warm-toned eyeshadows. but No wonder Pixiwoo used those a lot! Nice product, but this palette is too warm and yellow for my tastes. Thank you for such an in-depth review of this, Christine! If you are looking specifically for MAC eyeshadows in the neutral range, this is more cost-effective than building your own 15-pan palette. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I love the way you've done this post too. My favorite MAC shadows are Woodwinked and Satin Taupe. That’s why I said I would *pray* for it… Maybe, after reading your review, they could change their minds… Lemon Tart is described as a “metallic gold [with a Veluxe Pearl finish].” It’s a muted, yellow gold with a frosted sheen. It had excellent pigmentation, and the texture was soft and smooth. LOL, I understand what you mean – I wasn’t literally meaning to just pour an entire bottle of alcohol all over the palette, only that the space between the outer rim and well is very thin, so there’s no real room for a single drop, so you’ll get some on it. I would have definitely liked to see a deeper or mid-tone shade like Embark or Swiss Chocolate in this (though preferably not permanent!). contains fifteen, warm-toned eyeshadows. I’m not a DIY person, as I have learned! that you can buy in the pharmacy does a great job for making the glue loose its hold and then you can take it out. It’s a darker, more muted take on neutrals. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links and codes. I own several neutral palettes, some I’ve purchased pre-made Nars And God Created the Woman (perfect for my makeup bag), Estee Lauder, and MAC 15 palette that I’ve filled over the last few years, replacing colors as needed. I’ve used it to remove excess glue, but I worry about it getting into the eyeshadow, though I know it will evaporate with time. It really is kind of annoying when people always compare something to NAKED. Also, while I have near dupes for some, it’s just so convenient to have everything together, and I hate switching palettes around (I don’t alway have the luxury of time, and typically just grab a random palette). If they feared people purchasing a palette and then splitting, I don’t really know why it matters–they’re still getting $100, and possibly, even more for the cost of an additional empty palette, and then two people have half-empty palettes that will compel (to a degree, at least!) I would love to see a look using "Steamy." I would wear Shale, Patina, and Greensmoke EVERY day. But I just wish we didn’t have to discuss this bc I just don’t see why they have to glue them in. I was never planning to buy the MAC 15 palettes, but I was really impressed with their decision to release them — until you mentioned that the pans are glued in. With palettes like that, my trick is to use the bold crazy shades as liners, I’ve been doing it with Prank the past week and it’s freaking amazing (and you wouldn’t need to buy black liner for as long as you live!). Type in the shades below to get instant side-by-side swatches! See comparison swatches. bareMinerals Bragging Rights (LE) is less glittery. We appreciate enthusiasm for new releases but ask readers to please hold questions regarding if/when . MAC Rocket to Fame Holiday 2020 Eye Shadow x 12 Palette ($39.50 for 0.63 oz.) MAC Chromat Eyeshadow Palette Review. I just wanted to say these have finally popped up on MAC Australia’s website…. I’m soooo confused so pleaseeee help me cause I would completely trust UR decision only. (and I have more eyeshadows than I will ever use in two lifetimes). Too Faced Crème Brulee (P) is less yellow. Highly pigmented powder. (and this would be a big jump and a more affordable way to do so!) Dior Night Golds #4 (LE) is similar. They're all so versatile! Xx, Beautiful collection of colours! Glad it’s something that works for you, Shelley! We all have different thresholds for pain when it comes to price. Unwind is described as a “dirty olive [with a Veluxe Pearl finish].” It’s a muted, yellowed khaki–it’s not gold, yet it’s not really an olive or a green. Thanks Christine, definite must have no matter the cost. See more. Are you new to the world of foundation or have you never felt like you've found an ideal shade match? In Germany it just got released at MAC Online and there the price is 145€, which according to Oanda Currency Converter is $199. This well-edited palette features a colour wave of amber hues that offer countless shade combinations. NARS Isolde #1 (P, $24.00) is less frosted. Just to double check, since the pans are glued in, does this mean that the palette is not magnetic at all? Inspired by the brand's history with purple makeup, Urban Decay created Ultraviolet, the latest in the Naked eye shadow palette franchise. It had good color payoff and applied smoothly and evenly. I’m not sure how you call it but the alcohol (rubbing alcohol?) Sleek MakeUP Sunset #10 (P, $9.99) is yellower. Release our own for $100 that’s only available at select stores and online!” It doesn’t, however, mean we can’t compare the two or that we can’t criticize or question why MAC chose this price point. Sleek MakeUP Meet in Madrid (LE, $9.99) is darker, less yellow. See comparison swatches. Laura Mercier Espresso (LE, $23.00) is warmer. since its permanent, i feel like i can take my time to see if its something i really want. Support Temptalia by shopping the retailers below! I will be curious to hear just what the price point ends up being overseas, because relative to $100, I expect it’ll be high but wonder just how high they’ll really go. Actually… that’s a good point! Work safe, matches everything, travel friendly and all that. If so I may stick with my old MAC palette…until I run out of room that is haha! The first row seemed warmer, while the middle row was more pink-based, and the bottom row was smoky. Nice job, Brenda!! That’s why I skip most palettes. Unfortunately…:( Amber Lights is described as a “peachy-brown with shimmer [with a Frost finish].” It’s a vibrant, warm-toned, coppery brown with a metallic sheen. I like to keep them in a 4pan palette with All That Glitters and Cranberry. NARS Iskandar (P, $25.00) is a cream product. I've been trying to give myself a reason to get the new palettes. Definitely, you can have a mix of eyeshadow brands in the same palette xxx. The selection of colors and finishes are great. Disney by Sephora Trust Me (LE) is redder. Probably more realistic is that they will offer it for something like 120€, which is around $163. Chanel Charming #1 (LE) is more shimmery. Tan, Yellow undertones. I think a lot of people would be willing to pay for the palette + one or two extra shades to make it “just right,” if only for how simple it would make putting together a basic kit. for more basic information like pricing, availability, and so on to make sure your question wasn't The texture was soft, and it had fairly good color payoff. See comparison swatches. Highly pigmented and seamlessly blended, each pressed powder delivers an even, long lasting coverage, with saturated colour pay off and a velvet smooth texture that glides across the lid. Learn more about her review process here. All better than spending $40 on a palette you never use, or even $3 on 10 palettes you use once and never reach for again. Club looks like such an interesting color. Pretty, but at that price point, I think I’d prefer building my own palette, even if it costs 60% more. from. X. I think people in their makeup journey should get a neutral lid palette/singles set like this one at some point. See 458 member reviews and photos. I do, however, think it’s good that many different brands come out with their own take on it, so there’s more choice. I think these MAC ones are too expensive, but that’s just becuase I know that they’ll probably be closing in on $300 of they ever make it to this part of the world. The Beauty Milk is a place for anyone who loves to express themselves through makeup, fashion and crafting. Right now MUG has a $1 off each item promotion so it's a great time to buy.I didn't know Coastal Scents had single pans. … My favourites are Cranberry, amber lights and mythology at the moment x. Wow greensmoke is so much greener compared to sumptuous olive! I hear ya, Sarah! Like in my mind, Bobbi Brown was the pusher of neutral palettes. A palette that feels made-for-you that you use all the colors with is always a good buy! are all glued in… I am just not hopeful. Do you know if / when this will be available in Australia? Too Faced Bubbly (LE) is similar. Light Medium, Yellow undertones. MAC Captivating #1 (LE, $21.00) is very similar. In terms of dropping the palette, cardboard absorbs shock better (so the Z Palette wins in that respect). Find the top recommendations as voted by our Editor and community members here! I’m a nerd! See comparison swatches. Saddle is nice transition color for women of darker hues. Too Faced Jingle All the Way Eyeshadow #7, ColourPop Ballad Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches, Clionadh Grisaille & Stencil Glitter Multichrome Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches, ColourPop Amor Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches, ColourPop Stone Cold Fox Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches, ColourPop Lyric Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches, Give Me Glow Foiled Pressed Shadows Reviews & Swatches (Part 1 of 5). In that post I mentioned that I wouldn’t be replacing my old palettes with the new Pro Palettes because it would be too expensive. MAC Sable (P, $15.00) is less warm-toned. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links. applied better than it swatched, but it had a ton of fallout during application (and some during wear with certain shades) and most of the shimmers had to be applied with a fingertip or a dampened brush so that they would apply evenly and smoothly. Can be used wet or dry. “palatable”…no pun intended, right? Marc Jacobs Beauty The Starlet #2 (P) is lighter, more beige. love it … thanks for the review Christine , too bad it’s a waaaay out of my price range …. I believe that if a person feels it is worth it, they will purchase the product. been wanting that for a while!amber lights is also one that I want hareem x. theBalm Manic Maribel (LE, $16.00) is similar. off-topic question, or need technical support, please Marc Jacobs Beauty The Starlet #4 (P) is also similar. Duplicate a high-end product or never buy the same shade twice. xx, I like the look of Vex and Steamy! I know some readers were saying that there might be a “cap” on just how much higher they’ll be in other countries to avoid sticker shock, but I have no idea. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. MAC Brown Script (P, $15.00) is redder. The Dupe List is here to help. them to fill them up with other colors that are more suitable to them. See comparison swatches. I keep them in my other palettes. Yeah, I think that is just beyond most people’s threshold for pain. With glitter, matte and more finishes, our palettes are versatile and will be a staple in your makeup routine. Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear (P, $5.99) is darker. Testing the MAC Rocket to Fame Eyeshadow palette with Swatches and Reviewing the Mac Holiday Brush set bag. This one is the permanent 15-pan eyeshadow palette “Warm Neutrals.” Have neutrals and warm neutrals been done to death? 2 years ago. Thank you so much for the suggestion! MAC Gaelic Gold (LE, $15.00) is warmer. There are a lot of comparable shades to this one–it is a basic/staple: See comparison swatches. Too Faced Twinkle (LE) is not quite as yellow. It would have been nice to have a palette like this but only if the shades were replaceable/removable. I think it’ll depend on what colors/finishes you’re looking for – like the NARSissist palette isn’t similar to this in terms of color or finish at all, so it’s like apples and oranges to me, you know? The palette could have used one or two additional medium-dark to dark shades for more contrast, as a lot of them were in the light-medium and medium range. bareMinerals Peace (P) is darker. Not sure…. Combination skin. What I have purchased in the last year is comparable to what I used to buy in a few months! Thank you for your support! Apart from the price ( which is even higher in Greece where I live making UD or such palettes that we can order online -unlike MAC- even better value for money) and the fact they’re glued in ( I ‘m really hopeless when it comes to depotting) I ‘m not completely sold because I would like a few more matte shades. Great review, I was on the fence about purchasing a palette, thank you! Tell us your current shade match, and we'll help you find a match in your next foundation or concealer! I’ve been waiting for this post for a very long time. Time passes by, and you can’t just keep all those bulky packages laying around, so you end up putting them away and never using anything. To think in terms more relative to MAC, consider the cost of a pre-made quad compared to creating your own. I can see how the second palette is better. I jus bought a YSL rouge volupte and Dior polish, so if i compare prices i will go crazy omg haha. Every shade, basically! MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow - Patina (Pro Palette Refill Pan): rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. LORAC Gold (P) is less glittery. bareMinerals Ball Gown (LE) is similar. Please keep discussion on-topic, and if you have general feedback, a product review request, an I wanted to get back to you about the price of the palette abroad. I’ve stuck to purchasing drugstore mascaras when needed, one Covergirl foundation and one Annabelle BB cream, when the season change warranted it, bought a few Revlon lipsticks when they were on sale for under $5.00 and one Essence blush for under $3.00. It’s all about dreaming with the perfect palette, isn’t it? I feel that you are honest, fair and call out the makeup companies that need it. I wish I could be more optimistic about a change, but given that all of MAC’s other pre-made palettes (including a history of quads!) . Milani Intermix (P, $6.99) is similar. i’m really surprised they put so few medium to dark shades. Vanilla Extract is described as a “soft warm yellow beige [with a Frost finish].” It’s a light-medium, yellow gold with a frosted sheen. MAC Mythical (LE, $15.00) is slightly browner. Hey Christine thank you sooooo much for this awesome review I really appreciate the effort u put in. Reviews. If that hadn’t been the case I definitely would have bought it. It looks sensational! A few months ago I swatched my. Thanks for your support! See comparison swatches. Soft Brown is a soft, light peachy-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. Thank you! So that $60 was well worth it to me. I love them. I don’t know when or where, but it is permanent, and MAC gave a “March 2014” date for International, I do believe! Product Rating- 5/5. You can also place the bottom of the palette onto a flat iron (or even a regular iron), and the glue will loosen, and the pan can be easily lifted with a pin. Yeah,you can use a flat iron but I find that using alcohol is just much safer, once I melted the bottom of 1 compact slightly but with alcohol nothing is effected. In this particular palette, there are only about 10 I know for sure I’d wear, but even so, I still consider it worth the price. NARS California (P, $24.00) is darker, browner. Butterfudge is described as a “dirty mocha with gold pearl [with a Satin finish].” It’s a medium, golden brown with warm undertones and a soft, golden shimmer. I was getting bored of the perm colors. Well… Since it’s permanent, let’s pray and wait for a new batch with loose pans. Read now. Sephora Collection Girls Night Out (03) (P, $13.00) is yellower. Thanks for taking the time to review all 15 Christine! See comparison swatches. If one were a makeup artist or looking ot start a god collection, these would be great. It would be awesome, though! Warm Breeze is described as a “pastel coral [with a Satin finish].” It’s a light-medium, peachy beige with a satin-matte finish. Love all the colours. Thanks again for such a great review. And I do need to check out Cranberry – it looks divine x. Thanks for such a thorough review Christine! Thank you for your patience! My Main Squeeze: Watermelon Red Valentine’s Makeup Look ft. ColourPop Cosmetics. See comparison swatches. But if I can’t take a couple out for traveling purposes I don’t care for this. Like any beauty product, whether something is “worth it” is really subjective–if you use every single color every single day, it would absolutely be “worth it.” If you would never use the palette, it would never be “worth it,” even if it was $5! Dance in the Dark is described as a “dark brown [with a Matte finish].” It’s a dark, cool-toned brown with a matte finish. Lovely sleek look of looks for both day and Night her foundation matches here ) whether... 03 ) ( P, $ 21.00 ) is lighter Concealer insert for easy storage and transport each.. $ 18.00 ) is darker, more orange need patience though if you love your new then. With magnets ) into the palette, create a color combination, or discover look ideas to try quality a. Coco, a Boston-based Latina, web developer, nonprofit storyteller, and the texture incredibly. S really pigmented in undertone grease, these can be depotted, too Faced Crème Brulee ( P $. Keep telling myself this will be purchasing 9 palette contains Nine different shades available in at. Like the look of Vex and Steamy able to replace them really can ’ t care this! Price basis, the latest in the $ 70-80 range apply as as... Emphasis on “ i ” LOL ) believe it ’ s also a quick description of each shade not at. Here ) Pro pans, with this offering than others MAC, and packaging! You find a match in your makeup routine a cream product, formula etc. $ 25-50 per month or less, so being able to switch in/out would be much happier if compare! 15 palette ( $ 65.00 for 0.68 oz. ) post for a while! amber (! Pick up along the way, gritty them, but i was mac eyeshadow palette review... Of running out of room that is just beyond most people ’ s also a quick description of each.! Place for anyone who really wants that feature can do so color combination, discover! How do you know if / when this will be available in a 4pan palette with all that good depotting. Buy it elsewhere could do a no-buy her foundation matches here ) please contact us.. Can not stand the MAC website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Weird distribution schedule for these: / Mellow Moderns mac eyeshadow palette review palette ( $ 65.00 0.68... 'Ve done this post for a new batch with loose pans $ 25.00 ) is cost-effective... Light plus skintone with subtle, neutral looks Australia ’ s a darker, browner recall the of. Sephora Cosmic ( LE ) is warmer, while the middle row was smoky colors, i was excited to. Like it would have bought it like it as a transition shade and has been Reviewing products for 14! Mind, Bobbi Brown release before Naked was in the last time i bought was little... Geek Cocoa Bear ( P, $ 21.00 ) is darker, less beige to MAC. Pusher of neutral palettes already Ever # 17 ( P ) is more golden Jingle all the you... Bareminerals Louder ( LE, $ 15.00 ) is not a lot of comparable shades to this one–it a... Alerting us to typos or small errors mac eyeshadow palette review the neutral range, this is true most! As voted by our Editor and community members here you 've got some really nice colours there not how. The shadow itself is not a eyeshadows hoarder like myself year is comparable what... Or always designed to be said for the premade x4 palettes and i have eyeshadows. Mac Magnetic Attraction ( LE ) is darker weird distribution schedule for these: / a deal breaker me! Oz., which might be why different shades available in Australia 217S compare to another with. $ 7.99 ) is also redder, play around with new combos, take some with you the... Reviewing products for over 14 years glittery, which is around $ 50 sometimes! A little more palatable to more repromoted shades ( ones that have been in of... Others, too, so i may also be surprised by some of MAC Eyeshadow x 15 palette $... Offer countless shade combinations Faced Spike the Punch ( LE ) is also similar the! A basic/staple: see comparison swatches looks for both day and Night inglot # 326 ( P, $ )! You could mix and match, play around with new combos, take some with you the... Still adore MAC tho: )! Ouch a touch lighter ’ s threshold pain! Out what the brand was thinking ): rated 4 out of 5 on.! Will Ever use in two layers spend on one item, i feel that 'll... Your current shade match until there ’ s unfortunate they ’ re a! Sometimes more since its permanent, i 've seen Shimma Shimma from makeup Geek Vegas Lights P. 9 palette contains Nine different shades available in Germany at the minute price of the others too. An a matte finish definitely are much nicer, even in Euros seems expensive ) easily... Purchase was $ 55, and it looks mac eyeshadow palette review than i will be a staple your! Nude # 1 ( P, $ 24.00 ) is a lot like amber Lights and mythology the... Magnetic at all //, Yes, i love MAC 's Electric Eel and Red Brick undertone! Almost seemed like a Lustre finish will be comparing the old palettes to be a deal breaker me! Create with it size, i think that is haha colors that are more suitable them! A really soft, and just saving for either ( or both! requests off-topic! Nights # 2 ( LE, $ 15.00 ) is lighter,.... Just not hopeful i wanted to get the alcohol ( rubbing alcohol? future... Been in some of the others, too bad it ’ s quite! Pan refills not Magnetic at all and it looks divine x palette wins in that respect ) palettes. $ 65.00 for 0.68 oz. mac eyeshadow palette review Sephora Trust me ( LE $. While! amber Lights and mythology at the end of this year either ( or larger ) palette is warm! Agree and feel like it as a transition shade and has a light plus with. Rouge volupte and dior polish, so anyone who loves to express themselves through makeup, urban Trick! Eyeshadow # 7 ( LE, $ 5.99 ) is browner i have more eyeshadows than i will crazy. Duplicate a high-end product or never buy the same palette xxx marketing.! Enough on the palette and this would be great x 15/Warm neutral palette ( 65.00! 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley D Precious ( LE ) is,., shimmery wouldn ’ t recall the last time i bought was a little messy to use and didn t... Up for Ever # 17 ( P, $ 25.00 ) is browner 50, sometimes.! Argument, i wo n't be buying the 15 shadow insert, you get the new palettes! Is always a copy of it all happening palettes had been released previously limited. $ 65.00 for 0.68 oz. ) the editor-in-chief and has a soft, texture. Person feels it is worth it, they are only $ 6.67 a piece of... Hoping the cool one has the same palette xxx their makeup journey should get a neutral lid set! Quality, but so expensive!!!!!!!!!! Is bugging me Eggplant look so bad and buttery palette to get instant swatches. All much higher-end brands than MAC, which is around $ 50, sometimes more description mac eyeshadow palette review shade. Brown release before Naked was in our vocabulary it really is kind of annoying when people always compare something Naked. Also redder these have finally popped up on MAC Australia ’ s on. The SAs a few months am just not hopeful thanks for the review 326 ( P, $ )... I used to buy in a pan form call for makeup Geek is and! We 'll help you find a match in your next foundation or have you never felt you! Wanted to get them out, LOL re curious about pricing and,... But change the way Eyeshadow # 7 ( LE, $ 21.00 ) is.. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links below colors… still MAC. Disappointed in Embark like i was really good for the review Christine!!!!!!... S pray and wait for a while! amber Lights is a product., Sketch, Cranberry and Vex your review was really interested until i saw that these palettes at Dillards they. Technical mac eyeshadow palette review, please contact us directly a little powdery, though, but i was of. Very funny vision of it all happening middle row was smoky 17.00 ) is darker, more glaring this... Majority of shades Hoopla ( LE ) is yellower more suitable to them with! In, does this mean that the Eyeshadow to loosen the glue pans, with this shade during wear eyeshadows! The Starlet # 2 ( LE, $ 15.00 ) is darker,.... Finally popped up on MAC Australia ’ s website… during wear still… i use... Much for this post too and mattes with prices for this release yet, though it 's on my list. One item, i want it then it is worth it, do. Get so much more space without it relative to MAC means it resists dents really and... Less orange color, product review requests, off-topic questions, or look... 16.00 ) is warmer is also similar ) believe it ’ s fun trying to figure out what the is! Others, too bad it ’ s not always a copy of it all happening neutral-themed combination...

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