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pug puppy care and training

If you're a pug owner, or are soon to become one, read this guide on pug care and have no doubts on what you should do to keep your Pug healthy. The rule to follow is that treats should not exceed the 10% of your dog’s overall daily calorie intake. Because of how they’re built, Pug’s eyes are structured differently than eyes in other non-brachycephalic breeds. Read on and learn today... Meet the Breed: Eskie – American Eskimo Dog. … Rather than overload you with tons of pug information on a single page, we've instead split up our "pug puppy … Through time, it might be wise to consider changing your dog’s diet in order to make sure he hasn’t developed any food insensitivities. Although their hair is short and almost completely skin-like, pugs lose a lot of hair and they shed significantly more than their cousin brachycephalic breeds Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs. Although bathing your pug once a month might be perfectly enough, your pug’s facial folds will need more frequent care. Properly educating yourself on care of your pug puppy is essential is raising a healthy and happy pup! Moderate exercise about 15-20 minutes twice a day. While cleaning the folds, the cotton pads shouldn’t make contact with your pug’s eyes, nose or mouth. Quick tip: Don’t walk your pug during the hottest part of the day. Forum: Pug Health and Care Although bathing them shouldn’t be a very complex task to do, there is one thing that requires more of your attention after you bathe your pug – the pug’s facial folds. Although that usually doesn’t affect your dog’s lifespan or the overall quality of life, it will still be sad to see your Pug not having those two beautiful eyes gazing at you. Because all puppies look cute even when they’re doing "bad" things, we tend to shrug it off, ignore it, let it go, say "hey, he’s just a puppy" and so on. First of all, it might be wise to buy teething toys for teething puppies that will help them scratch their gums and relieve the pain caused by emerging teeth. Posted By: W+D Therefore, buy a specialty solution that you would use to clean your pug’s ears. Post Time: 04-15-2018 at 05:14 AM, Forum: Pug Health and Care Maintain a regular schedule and feed your adult pug once or twice a day, according to the serving size recommendations. In order to properly train a dog, it is necessary to know how to communicate with your pet. Once they grow older, you should swap teething toys with chewing toys of appropriate size. Socialization with other dogs and people is crucial in order to have a fully functional dog that won’t get scared in new situations. Contrary to popular belief, crating a dog is not a cruel act. Training Your Pug. Therefore, prevention and proper eye care should be paramount for all Pug owners. These dogs are remarkably low maintenance and happy around other animals, … You have to take care of your Pugs health, bathe and keep them clean, teach them new things, take them outside on walks and provide them with a healthy and nutritious diet. Removing irritants from your pug’s eyes will decrease the chances of him getting an infection. This... Big Or Small Dog – Which Is The Right Fit For Me? But there are a couple of different toys that you should buy. A dog who respects you will do what you say and will stop what he's doing when you tell him "No." Brushing your pug once to twice a week will not only keep his coat and skin clean but will also control the amount of shedding. Some might love bigger dogs more, other might prefer fluffy, white dogs that don’t shed, but on one thing we can all agree, when a pug is around, they are always the ones that steal all the attention. In order to ensure your pug smells nice make sure you clean the wrinkles with a cotton swab or cotton pads dipped in warm water at least once a week. Although your Pug will probably pick some commands you teach him, he will still most likely pay attention to your body language too. Enjoy! But the real difference is in the activity level that each dog maintains. Puppies need different nutrients than adult or senior dogs. Reacting on time might save your dog from surgery and eye loss. All rights reserved. Avoid long walks during very windy or excessively rainy days, as these can cause eye problems in your pug. Because of their particular physical appearance, pugs need a little extra work from their owners to be entirely healthy and clean.

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